Max the sweet daschund

Here is Max, the nicest Daschund ever. He was such a good patient for his second non anesthesic dental cleaning with Miami Natural Pet Care.  He also got groomed at the Pet Mode after his dental to complete his spa day. His fur and his mouth was smelling good! His owner was worried about putting […]

Kaia got her teeth cleaned No anesthesia used

Kaia, 8 years old cocker female, is one our best patient while getting her teeth cleaned without the use of any drugs nor anesthesia. A lot of tartar and plaque were removed and her breath became instantly fresher. She receives Miami Natural Pet Care visit every 6 months and exceptionally gets the right to stay […]

Moshi got his teeth cleaned anesthesia free today

Miami Natural Pet Care went to see Moshi today in his hotel room on South Beach. He lives in New York with his mom and always gives us a call when coming down to Florida to get his white and fresh smile again. Moshi got his teeth cleaned anesthesia free and he was such a […]

Miami Natural Pet Care last dental pictures

We cleaned Juliet’s teeth a few days ago, she had a large amount of tartar and plaque on her teeth, especially on the molars. Juliet is a 8 years old Pomeranian and the best patient we ever had so far, she was just perfect, falling asleep while we were cleaning and polishing her teeth. Her mother […]