Gismo, our last patient getting a dental cleaning anesthesia free

Gizmo, our last patient, is 7 years old with a history of bad allergies and anxiety crisis. He cannot stay in a cage because he suffers a great deal of stress then and cannot stop barking. That’s why choosing Miami Natural Pet Care to come and visit him in the comfort of his own home […]

Why Choose Miami Natural Pet Care for your Pets Dental Cleaning

Miami Natural Pet Care is a team of two Veterinary Technicians Justine and Michelle.  They attended university and graduated with an associates and a Bachelor degree in Veterinary Technology as well as passed National Licensing Exams. You are trusting your pets with experienced, knowledgeable and caring professionals.  Many groomers are now offering similar services but […]

Riley the Golden Retriever

Riley the 4 year old Golden Retriever had Miami Natural Pet Care come to clean his teeth in the comfort of his home. Riley greeted us happily at the door holding two of his favorite toys! Riley has had his teeth cleaned annually.  His owners have set him on a great routine to avoid dental […]