Max the sweet daschund

Here is Max, the nicest Daschund ever. He was such a good patient for his second non anesthesic dental cleaning with Miami Natural Pet Care.  He also got groomed at the Pet Mode after his dental to complete his spa day. His fur and his mouth was smelling good! His owner was worried about putting […]

Miami Natural Pet Care offers home pet sitting services

No cages allowed! Miami Natural Pet Care offers pet sitting, if you go out of town for a day or a month please don’t hesitate to contact us. Coco, female kitty, stayed with Miami Natural Pet Care a few times before; this time she s staying for 2 weeks. She is so beautiful and sweet.  […]

Miami Natural Pet Care last dental on Minuit, 3 years old black domestic long hair cat

Feline patients may not be the easiest ones but Minuit was so good and well behaved for her dental cleaning without anesthesia. She’s only 3 years old but already developed a moderate amount of tartar on the upper molars and premolars. She let us scale and polish her teeth nicely. Please contact us for an […]

Cassie, rescue cat Miami Natural Pet Care pet sit

Every time her owner goes out out of town for work pr pleasure, Miami Natural Pet Care takes care of this adorable kitty and her 2 brothers. Please don’t hesitate to contact Miami Natural Pet Care if you need your cats or dogs to be kept during the holidays.