Miami Natural Pet Care visited Shadow today in her Miami Beach beautiful house 

 Shadow, female terrier mix, was rescued from wandering Biscayne boulevard 14 years ago. She was in a bad shape but is very healthy today thanks to her new owner. She got her teeth cleaned without anesthesia today for the first time. She was very well behaved. Severe tartar and plaque were removed. A fresh […]

Ivy got her teeth cleaning anesthesia free with Miami Natural Pet Care at 4paws only

 We recommend starting your pets at an early age rather than waiting until they develop dental disease. Prevention is the best solution. Ivy is a cute mix cocker of 12 years old and she developed severe gingivitis. Regular teeth cleaning will help to decrease inflammation.  Please contact Miami Natural Pet Care for an appointment.

Gismo, our last patient getting a dental cleaning anesthesia free

Gizmo, our last patient, is 7 years old with a history of bad allergies and anxiety crisis. He cannot stay in a cage because he suffers a great deal of stress then and cannot stop barking. That’s why choosing Miami Natural Pet Care to come and visit him in the comfort of his own home […]

Gasby, the cavalier king charles

Gasby, beautiful and sweet king charles cavalier, got his teeth cleaned for the second time by Natural Pet Care in his Miami home. A moderate amount of tartar was removed; his owner is really happy and wants to get his teeth cleaned every 3 to 6 months. Regular cleanings will keep Gasby from getting infections, […]