Do maltese have gingivitis?Gingivitis is a disease that causes inflammation and infection of your gums. If it is not treated, it can lead to tooth loss. 

Kaia got her teeth cleaned No anesthesia used

Kaia, 8 years old cocker female, is one our best patient while getting her teeth cleaned without the use of any drugs nor anesthesia. A lot of tartar and plaque were removed and her breath became instantly fresher. She receives Miami Natural Pet Care visit every 6 months and exceptionally gets the right to stay […]

Miami Natural Pet Care visited Shadow today in her Miami Beach beautiful house 

 Shadow, female terrier mix, was rescued from wandering Biscayne boulevard 14 years ago. She was in a bad shape but is very healthy today thanks to her new owner. She got her teeth cleaned without anesthesia today for the first time. She was very well behaved. Severe tartar and plaque were removed. A fresh […]

Skittles and Snow ball got their teeth cleaned without anesthesia today at 4paws Only

Skittles, yorkshire, and Snow ball, maltese, got their teeth cleaned without anesthesia today at 4paws Only. They live together and decided to get a new healthy mouth and freshbreath together as well. Severe tartar was removed. They were so well behaved and were so happy to give new clean kisses to their owner. February is […]

Why do my dog has bad breath?

Is your pet sporting a permanent case of morning breath? Dog halitosis is a common complaint of pet owners. In some cases it can be a sign of more serious illness, but typically a little extra dental care can alleviate your pup’s offensive odors. Cleaning your doggy’s teeth regularly with Miami Natural Pet Care will […]

Kiron got his regular cleaning yesterday

Kiron, 5 years old male schnauzer, became a regular patient of Miami Natural Pet Care. He lives in Kendall with his family and gets his teeth cleaned anesthesia free every 2 months. Thanks to this procedure, he ll never develop bad breath and will never loose a tooth. His gums and teeth stay healthy. He […]

Silver, beautiful colley got his teeth cleaned without anesthesia today again

Silver, beautiful colley got his teeth cleaned without anesthesia today for the second time by Miami Natural Pet Care. He was such a well behaved patient. His teeth needed to be cleaned again as a lot tartar and plaque reformated on his teeth. Miami Natural Pet Care recommands regular dental cleaning to keep healthy teeth […]