Two dogs got their non anesthetic dental cleaning today at Simply Sweetheart 

      Two dogs got their non anesthetic dental cleaning today at Simply Sweetheart, grooming salon at The Hilton double tree, near downtown Miami. Max, chihuahua, and Kimber, 4 years old female yorkshire terrier, were both such good patients. A lot of tartar and plaque were removed and their teeth became white and healthy again. […]

Lefty dental cleaning before and after pictures 

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society 80% of dogs and 70% of cats by the age 3 show signs of periodontal disease. Lefty, mix chihuahua got her teeth cleaned anesthesia free today by Miami Natural Pet Care at The Pet Mode. He was so sweet, falling asleep while getting her teeth scaled and polished. […]

$20 off promoting will last 1 more week!!!

The Pet mode, grooming salon, is expanding the dental cleaning without anesthesia promotion ($20 off) for a week. Due to high demand, we are offering this great deal 1 more week till march 7th.  Please take advantage and give The Pet Mode a call at 305-400-8784 

Max, golden retriever got his first dental cleaning today without anesthesia

Here is Max, 6 years old golden retriever, who lives in one of the most beautiful house Miami Natural Pet Care had the chance to visit. He was such a wonderful patient, a lot of tartar and plaque was removed without use of anesthesia or any sedative. Please contact Miami Natural Pet Care if you […]

Lola, 15 years old shitzu just got a dental

Lola is 15 years old mix shitzu who badly needed a dental cleaning. Severe gingivitis and very large amount of tartar and plaque were present. At least 5 teeth needed to be extracted. Any extraction requires general anesthesia but due to bad heart and liver condition, her owners didnt want to put her under, following […]