Why do my dog has bad breath?

Is your pet sporting a permanent case of morning breath? Dog halitosis is a common complaint of pet owners. In some cases it can be a sign of more serious illness, but typically a little extra dental care can alleviate your pup’s offensive odors. Cleaning your doggy’s teeth regularly with Miami Natural Pet Care will […]

Moshi got his teeth cleaned anesthesia free today

Miami Natural Pet Care went to see Moshi today in his hotel room on South Beach. He lives in New York with his mom and always gives us a call when coming down to Florida to get his white and fresh smile again. Moshi got his teeth cleaned anesthesia free and he was such a […]

Olive, the sweetest greyhound

Olive is a 6 years old greyhound rescued 1 1/2 years ago from the race. She is so sweet and gentle. Unfortunately nobody never cared before for her buccal hygiene and she develop severe dental disease as u can observe on the top picture. Several extractions are necessary and even if Miami Natural Pet Care […]