Suri Fernandez is joining Miami Natural Pet Care team!!! Suri Fernandez was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Suri graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration in 2004. She then completed her Certified Veterinary Technician degree and certification from St. Petersburg College in 2008. Since 2000 she has worked in several practices ranging from general practice, emergency […]

Zeus the German Shepherd gets a Miami Makeover

Zeus the 6 year old German Shepherd called on Miami Natural Pet Care when his Yorkie girlfriend refused to kiss him again until he took care of his “big stinky dog breath” he was also shy to smile his happy smile since she laughed at his brown teeth. Miami Natural Pet Care came to Zeus […]

Miami Natural Pet Care last dental pictures

We cleaned Juliet’s teeth a few days ago, she had a large amount of tartar and plaque on her teeth, especially on the molars. Juliet is a 8 years old Pomeranian and the best patient we ever had so far, she was just perfect, falling asleep while we were cleaning and polishing her teeth. Her mother […]