Sadie met Miami Natural Pet Care at the Pet Mode Miami 

Sadie, sweet little yorshire terrier, got her teeth cleaned without anesthesia by Miami Natural Pet Care. Her teeth were already cleaned by us 6 months ago and it was time to do it again. She was such a good girl and will now be able to give very fresh kisses to her mom!

Roxie, the nice poogle ( mix between a pug and a poodle)

Roxie, the nice 10 years old poogle (mix between a pug and a poodle), just got her teeth cleaned without any anesthesia nor any drugs. She was so sweet and well behaved. A lot of tartar was removed. She had severe gingivitis. Regular dental cleaning will help her gums get healthier and will keep her […]

Kiron, the nice schnauzer

Kiron is a 6 years old schnauzer living in Kendall area. He is so sweet and cute! He never had his teeth cleaned and Miami Natural Pet Care was able to remove the tartar and plaque fron his gums and teeth. His breath got so much better. Please call us to schedule an appointment. Kiron […]

Gasby, the cavalier king charles

Gasby, beautiful and sweet king charles cavalier, got his teeth cleaned for the second time by Natural Pet Care in his Miami home. A moderate amount of tartar was removed; his owner is really happy and wants to get his teeth cleaned every 3 to 6 months. Regular cleanings will keep Gasby from getting infections, […]

2 beautiful labs got their teeth cleaned

Yesterday we went to a beautiful home in Coconut Grove to meet 2 adorable labradors Edwin and Hanna. They both got their teeth cleaned in the comfort of their own home, laying on their doggy bed in the living room. Everything went great and we got rid of their bad breath. Their owner was really […]