Dog show today

If you have no plans this week end, Miami Natural Pet care proposes you to go to this dog show in Surfside with your poochie. Here are some informations.event dog show


Picture of our last dental 2 days ago

last dental

Miami natural pet care went to her home to perform a dental cleaning on this mix 7 years old female. Perfect candidate, she didn’t need any extraction, a lot of tartar and plaque needed to be removed. She was so good, didn’t move and was so happy to get a perfect white smile. Please contact us if you want the same service for your doggie(s).

Beneful A Dangerous Bargain

Beneful A Dangerous Bargain

“Our 15 lb Minpin started having seizures on a regular basis shortly afterwards, which turned to cluster seizures within a few months. Our 80 lb Weimaraner mix could hardly walk. She was like an old lady. Neither of them had any energy and they barfed a lot.”  This is just one of over 382  Complaints about Beneful filed at the Consumer Affairs website. Beneful receives here 1 out of 5 stars.  Many unsuspecting consumers are mislead by Purina’s clever marketing ploys to make you think you are choosing a healthy food for your dog.  However if you look at the ingredients  It is laden with Corn, Soy, artificial clors, sugar and propylene glycol.   Reports in the consumer affairs include death, seizures, extreme thirst and vomiting.  Contact Miami Natural Pet Care today for guidance on choosing the right diet your pet to stay healthy 

Meet Mr. Scruffy Your New Valentine.


Are You Looking For A Companion Who Is Sweet Kind and Plays Well With Others?  Mr. Scruffy is your guy!!! Mr. Scruffy was rescued off the streets of Miami and is looking for someone to love.  He is a very easygoing dog, he likes other dogs, ignores cats and likes kids.   Please Contact us today or The Pet Mode Grooming Shop in Miami.  He is vaccinated, HW negative, dewormed and neutered.

Big Pets Get Bigger: Latest Survey Shows Dog and Cat Obesity Epidemic Expanding

The “fat pet gap” continues to widen according to the latest nationwide survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP). Veterinary survey found 53 percent of adult dogs and 55 percent of cats to be classified as overweight or obese by their veterinarian. That equals 88.4 million pets that are too heavy.

Please ask Miami Natural Pet Care any advice on nutrition, we can help your pet to do thinner and healthier, contact us.

Mama and Keko- Miami Street Dogs



Mama and Keko are a bonded pair who were living on the side of Tropical Supermarket in Little Haiti. Nightly they would beg for food. After seeing that Mama was pregnant we knew we had to rescue them . Mama and Keko are now safe and awaiting the arrival of their babies. They are both being treated for erlichia and have had numerous veterinary costs. Any support with their care is graciously accepted and they will be looking for their forever home .  Donate to Mama and Keko Here

Lost Dogs of Miami


This past week Miami Natural Pet Care has found 3 lost dogs with no ID and no microchips including this gorgeous Shepherd. Miraculously through networking their owners were all located. Please Miami dog owners spend $10 and place an ID tag on your pets collar and for about $30 microchip your pet and make sure to register it.  These two steps may save your pets life and reunite you.