Miami Natural Pet Care last dental pictures

We cleaned Juliet’s teeth a few days ago, she had a large amount of tartar and plaque on her teeth, especially on the molars. Juliet is a 8 years old Pomeranian and the best patient we ever had so far, she was just perfect, falling asleep while we were cleaning and polishing her teeth. Her mother […]

Yorkie Dental Cleaning

Muchi the Yorkie loves to give kisses but her breath was horrible! Her mom called Miami Natural Pet Care to clean Muchis’ teeth. Muchis’ breath is now fresher and her risk of secondary disease from dental disease reduced. Book your pets’ dental today, don’t wait until dental disease develops risking your pets health and costing […]

Fresh Breath Kisses!

Tuffy still approved of us and even snuck in some kisses after her anesthesia free dental cleaning.  Tuffy and her brother Turtle are two sweet little dogs who had their teeth cleaned by Miami Natural Pet Care in the comfort of their own home.  Anesthesia free dental cleanings are a safe and gentle procedure and […]