Wuppi gets his teeth cleaned every 6 months 

Wuppi, 12 years old Russian Bolonka, got his teeth cleaned today anesthesia free. Miami Natural Pet Care came to see him in his beautiful appartment at the Condominium on South Beach. He is a very well behaved patient. Suffering from seizures and old age, anesthesia is really not recommended for him and though he still needs to get the tatar and plaque off his teeth. Miami Natural Pet Care is very careful with him, making sure not to stress him out and giving him a lot of breaks in between teeth cleaning. His mom is also very happy she doesn’t have to take him to the vet because he hates the car and get car sick. So it is very convenient for them to get Miami Natural Pet Care to come by their place.

Please make an appointment with us, we travel all over Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, South Miami, Kendall, Miami Shores, El Portal, Brickell, Aventura…


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