Anesthesia-free pet dentistry

Anesthesia-free pet dentistry has gained popularity over the last few years. The main factors driving this are the lower cost and the perceived risk of general anesthesia. This is true; Anesthesia-free pet dentistry is cheaper and has no anesthetic risk. It is hard to fault the owner for seeking treatment that is equal to what a veterinary clinic offers but costs less and is safer. Miami Natural Pet Care always recommend its clients to visit their veterinarian regularly for blood work and mouth xrays. Owners usually want the best for their pets. Regular dental cleanings are in the best interest of their pet’s dental hygiene to avoid gum recession and extraction. Of course anesthesia is highly recommended for severe dental disease and extraction.

Here is Cato and Chema, 2 schnauzers, who live in Coconut Grove. They got their teeth cleaned anesthesia free in the confort of their own bedroom.

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