Are older dogs good candidate for non anesthetic dental cleaning?

My dog is very old. Can he still get the procedure?
Non-anesthetic dentals are perfect for older pets, also for pets with chronic kidney, liver or heart disease who might not be a good candidate for a dental cleaning under anesthesia.

Here is Coconut, 15 years old chow chow shepherd mix female. She was named Coconut because she was found as a puppy walking in the streets compleetly lost on Coconut Grove. 

At 10 years old she was diagnosed by her vet with heart condition and it was not indicated to put her under anesthesia anymore. It would take the risk of her not waking up. For 5 years, her owner had no idea non anesthetic dog dental existed till one of our clients refered her to us. We saw a lot but Coconut’ mouth is beyond everthing we smelled and experienced before. We were able to clean a lot and help her as much as possible. It will have to be done in several times.

Please geriatric patients need even more cleanings than young ones.

Give us a call for an appointment.


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