Dog Dental cleanings of the week 







 Dental cleanings should be done every 3 to 8 months depending of the patient. Each dog builds up tartar and plaque at different paste and Miami Natural Pet Care can help you to determine how often a non anesthesic dental cleaning should be performed. Professional terth cleanings should go along with a program of home care including brushing if possible and dental chews, to try to prevent the progression of dental disease.

Older patients that have had previous dental treatment under general anesthesia can benefit greatly from non-anesthetic cleanings every four to six months.

Here are some of our last patients:

Riley, the golden retriever, Chiron, the schnauzer, Sadie, the yorkshire and Mc Lovin, the min pin, Caipihrina, the chihuahua are all our regular patients. But we also cleaned 3 new dogs’teeth this week, a goldendoodle, a shitzu and a maltipoo.
Please make an appointment now for your pet.


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