Lilly and Pipper, 2 sweet teacup yorkshires

 Lilly and Pipper, two super sweet 8 years old female and male teacup yorkshire terriers, got her teeth cleaned yesterday with Miami Natural Pet Care.   
Miami Natural Pet Care has been cleaning their teeth anesthesia free for a few years now and these two dogs’teeth form tartar the fastest ever! In 2 months they create as much tartar and plaque that most dogs would do in 6 months. It is lucky for them they don’t have to be put under general anesthesia for their dental cleanings as it would be way too much for their little bodies. We usually recommend dental cleaning every 2 to 6 months to avoid gum recession and accumulation of tartar and calculus.
If your pet let you do it, we also recommend daily home dental care that would include brushing your pet’s teeth, or using other effective techniques to discourage accumulation of dental plaque, such as dental diets and chew materials. Daily home health care should be combined with examination of your pet by a veterinarian and radiographs. Routine dental scaling and polishing without anesthesia will optimize your pet’s oral, and overall, life-long health.

Please call us for an evaluation of your pet’s teeth and gums.


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