Who’s a good candidate for non anesthetic dental cleaning?


here is Kushi, adorable shitzu
 Who’s a good candidate for non anesthetic dental cleaning?

Ideal candidates for non-anesthetic cleaning is a young patient, often one to three years old, with light buildup of dental plaque or calculus on his or her teeth. The cleanings should be done every 6 months along with a program of home care which includes brushing and dental chews, to try to prevent the progression of dental disease.

Other Candidates for non-anesthetic dental cleaning.

Older patients that have had previous dental treatment under general anesthesia can benefit greatly from non-anesthetic cleanings every four to six months.

Here is Kushi, 3 years old shitzu mix with moderate to severe dental disease; a lot of tartar and plaque for his young age. Small and medium breeds benefit from starting non anesthetic dentals at a younger age, as young as 1 year old.

Please make an appointment now for your pet.


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