$1000 vet bill for a dental cleaning!!!

The general contractor fixing our building told me yesterday he just spent $1000 at his vet to get his chihuahua’s teeth cleaned. He was pretty upset by the high cost of the procedure but also by the fact they had to extract so many of his teeth. He had no idea dental hygiene was so important and I also told him that only regular cleanings with or without anesthesia will keep his other dogs from suffering the same fate. 

Of course he’s not going to put his friendly dogs under anesthesia every 3 or even every 6 months, so the best way to go is to clean his dogs’ teeth without anesthesia. Regular cleanings will prevent any extraction. My 9 year old maltese never lost one tooth.Here are the before/after pictures of some of our patients this week:

Please give us a call for an appointment.  



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