When does my pet need a tooth extraction ?

  Teeth extractions can be scary and painful, especially if your dog needs several teeth removed. Miami Natural Pet Care goal is to provide the best possible care for our loving pets and sometimes that means referring them to their veterinarian to have procedures like teeth extractions performed. In these situations, we are often asked questions like, “How will it affect them? How will they eat? What can I do to help?” Miami Natural Pet Care does not perform extractions especially on mollars with mutiple roots. We will ask you to take your pet to check with your regular veterinarian if we suspect a tooth needs to be removed. Specific Dental xrays need to be performed too. Not every vet clinic or hospital own a dental xray machine so we would recommand to check with them first.

Our pets live a normal life after dental surgery. We have seen many dogs who have little to no teeth left who still love to grab a hold of their bully stick or their big brothers crunchy kibble! They may not even realize that any teeth are gone – they just know that they feel much better. Some adjustments to diet may be needed but they can be very simple. Soft food like raw can be really easy for dogs who have little to no teeth to switch to, or even soaking their favourite kibble in some warm water will soften it up enough for them to be able to eat it. The most important thing to remember is that your dog will be happier and healthier after their bad teeth are extracted.

Once bad teeth extracted, Miami Natural Pet Care recommand to follow up with regular non anesthetic dental cleaning and vet check up to avoid more teeth to be removed.

Please email us to make an appointment with us.

Thank you 


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