Blacky got his teeth cleaned without anesthesia by Miami Natural Pet Care

Blacky was such a good patient, a little scared at first but quickly relaxed once he realized nothing was painful. Professional dental cleaning includes scaling the crowns of the teeth both above and below the gingival margin and polishing all scaled surfaces. It also includes scaling and planing any root surfaces that are exposed to the periodontal sulcus or pocket. Metal hand instruments are kept sharp. Plaque and debris may have a profound effect on a pet’s health. Anesthesia-free dentistry provide improvement in the appearance of the teeth due to the removal of calculus. Periodontal disease is addressed.
Other common problems are noted during the cleaning, including fractured teeth, tumors, gingival hyperplasia, discolored teeth, areas of tooth resorption, etc.
Please contact Miami Natural Pet Care for an appointment.



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