Adorable Havanese Siblings visit Miami Natural Pet Care


Chip and Stella are two of the sweetest little dogs and they are inseparable!  They went for a mini vacation to stay with Miami Natural Pet Care and as a bonus got their teeth cleaned too

Chip and Stella were so well behaved during their dentals. Only Rescue Remedy was used to help calm any anxiety. Miami Natural Pet Care is experienced Veterinary Technicians skilled in safe gentle animal handling and dental care.

Stella had minor tartar. It was great she came in for a routine cleaning prior to severe dental disease forming. Preventative medicine is the best medicine.

Stella's teeth before cleaning
Stella's teeth after cleaning

Chip had heavier tartar than his sister. 

Chip before dental
Chip post-dental

Schedule your pets dental cleaning today with Miami Natural Pet Care.  810-923-3652


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