Anesthesia Free Dental for adorable Poodle and Pomeranian on Brickell Key

Poodles are genetically prone to dental disease. Miami Natural Pet Care recommends that poodles one year and older receive a dental cleaning at least every 6 months to help avoid serious dental disease. Yiyo the tiny poodle was a rescue from a puppy mill and now is living a spoiled life in Miami. He has a good mommy who knows the importance of dental care but he still had a lot of tartar. We will be seeing Yiyo back in 6 months. His brother Mojito the Pomeranian had moderate tartar his mom knew the importance of getting his teeth cleaned before severe tartar developed. Thanks Mojito and Yiyo you were absolutely amazing patients!  Call Miami Natural Pet Care to book your pets dental today


Yiyo the Poodle a shy sweet boy.


Yiyo teeth after Anesthesia Free Dental


Yiyo teeth before Dental


Mojito the Pomeranian


Mojito teeth after dental


Mojito teeth before dental

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