Dental care for feline is very important

Feline dental care is an often-neglected area of veterinary medicine. For cat owners, oral home care and the dental procedures recommended by their veterinarians are often a source of stress and misunderstanding. Recent information shows that cats visit veterinarians less than dogs do.
The two main reasons people don’t take their cats to the veterinarian are, one,
cats show such subtle signs of illness that owners don’t recognize they are sick
and, two, it is no fun to take cats to the clinic.
That’s why Miami Natural Pet Care offers dental without anesthesia to very friendly cats and also in home care if needed.
Are you going in vacation soon? Don’t worry we ll take care of your kittie like he or she is ours.
Here is a picture of one of our adopted kittie staying with us for a week while her owner went out of town. She’s resting on our bed.
Do you want your cat or dog to know the same comfort? Please give us a call 786-506-6994
pet sitting cat


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