Maintenance Dental Care for Your Pet

Once your pet’s teeth are clean after an anesthesia free dental cleaning from Miami Natural Pet Care, routine dental care will help to maintain their shiny smile!  Pets should IDEALLY have their teeth brushed daily after each feeding using pet-safe toothpaste. I say IDEALLY because for most of us this isn’t possible, so do the best you can.  Brush your pet’s teeth as often as you can and try to do it at least once a week if daily isn’t possible. While nothing beats regular brushing, oral rinses, sprays and bones such as raw meaty bones from Raw Feeding Miami can help reduce the bacteria and plaque that lead to tartar formation.   Remember Miami Natural Pet Care is Certified Veterinary Technicians trained to properly clean your pets teeth.  Book your Pets’ Dental Cleaning Today and every 6 months following for preventative dental care! February is Pet Dental Care Month and Miami Natural Pet Care is offering $20 off Dentals this Month!!


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