Miami Natural Pet Care wishes everybody a Happy New Year !!!

Miami Natural Pet Care wishes everybody a happy, animal-friendly 2013!!!
What’s your list of New Year’s resolutions going to be? No idea? Here are few ways to help animals on this new year:
-Go to the running with you dog more often or call us to take him out for a walk when you can’t.
-Stop smoking: Tobacco companies conduct painful invasive and skin corrosion tests on animals, so kicking this bad habit helps kick animal testing, too.
-Organize your closets: if you still have fur coats, maybe it’s time to get rid of them
-Deep-clean the bathroom: Alongside the expired cold medicine, toss out products that were tested on animals.
-Establish a plan for emergencies: Plan ahead to keep your animal companions safe in an emergency situation by filling a carrier with leashes, bowls, veterinary records, medicines, a photo of each animal, and a list of hotels that accept animal guests during natural disasters.
-Save money for a big-ticket item or vacation: With milk projected to hit $8 a gallon, just swapping your weekly gallon for rice, almond, or soy milk will save you big bucks and have you well on your way.


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