Holistic supplements for Natural Demodex treatment.


Nina Miami Natural Pet Cares new foster dog from Miami Dade Animal Services has some serious skin issues including demodex. She also picked up a case of kennel cough there.
Miami Natural Pet Care will be treating her demodex and kennel cough naturally.

Above is a picture of Nina’s supplements.

Coconut oil which she happily licks up and I also rub into her skin after her daily bath.
Herbsmith’s clear allerqi which helps to cool her skin which is red and hot to the touch.
Vitality Science Vital Lipids. Vitality Science Pet Flora probiotics.
Wapiti Labs chest formula to battle her kennel cough.
DMG immune boosting liquid.
This little girl needed some serious immune boosting and anti inflammatory action to naturally treat her demodex mange and kennel cough.


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