Geriatric canine patients 

  Geriatrics are even more in need of a good teeth cleaning. Periodental disease may affect organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys. It’s not because your doggy is old that he needs to keep his bad breath and rotten teeth! Jacky’s owner very well understood this concept and get her teeth cleaned regularly. Miami […]

Peanut and Georgie are staying at home and are getting their teeth in the meanwhile 

        Peanut and Georgie are staying with us for a few days.  If you go out of town and need someone to treat your dog like family, no crate used, give us a call. Peanut and Georgie’owner are in the Keys for vacation and we will give them a nice place to stay. In […]

Buddy, cat pet sitting

Here is Buddy, the sweet kitty. Miami Natural Pet Care comes to feed him, clean his litter and some cuddles once a day when his mom goes to NY for work. He is a very good boy. If you need someone reliable to check on your pet while being away, please contact Miami Natural Pet […]

Lili and coco are staying home with Miami Natural Pet Care 

   Lili, 2 2/2 years old king charles and Coco, 7 months old pomeranian puppy, are new to Miami Natural Pet Care family. They are both so cute and love to play. Her owner is traveling aboard and we are so happy to keep them for a little while. If you go out of town, […]

Miami Natural Pet Care offers pet sitting services

If you are going out of town and need someone to take care of your loving pet, please contact Miami Natural Pet Care. We are keeping your pet in the confort of his or her own home or at our place. No cage or crate used! Here is Buddy and Coco, the cats and Chloe, […]

Miami Natural Pet Care is keeping your dog at home and will clean his teeth during his stay

   Miami Natural Pet Care met Lia, yorkshire terrier, at her place on South Beach, a little while ago while going there to clean her teeth. Lia lives with Skeeter, a little daschund. They are both spending Thanksgiving week with Miami Natural Pet Care. During his stay, he got his teeth cleaned without anesthesia. He […]